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picture credit: all pictures taken by me for Pulcinella
Where to start describing my definite highest love to one of last year’s most beautifully established “newcomers” in the fine jewellery sector?
Stressing the emphasis on all of the unique statement pieces, Mawi combines highest fine jewellery materials with contemporary details, one of them being my absolute everlasting love: Spikes.
Clear structured and with a deep focus on keeping a certain kind of symmetry, Mawi builds a wonderful symbiosis of the two former contradictory (fine and fashion) jewellery details and therefore proves today’s most elegant way in their combination.
Striking, cutting-edge and always with a total uniqueness every piece brings with it, Mawi stands for futuristic trending and shapes as well as high qualitatively, traditional details of the past. Its richness in facets can be clearly seen and as I got the chance to visit London Fashion Week, I had a closer look at the various pieces of Mawi’s collection at their exhibition stand. My personal affinity to purism pulling a statement in their play between past, present and future, has been meeting all of my expactations Mawi has given when you’re spotting a single piece the first time. It is hard to put Mawi’s motivation on the right words, but as I can see, the playground of the London based label is definitely a balanced mixture of various contradictions. That is most probably the point that keeps the world’s finest department stores attracted to the label that involves the different zones of Mawi’s clientel. That glamour every piece reflects with an edgy and dark tone catches everybody, if only for the pure look given by others clearly saying “where the hell did she get that amazing ring/necklace/earring/whatever from?!!”. I had to keep countenance (for my owns sake obviously), that’s why I didn’t start freaking out completely when I spotted all the pieces (I just got to see on Polyvore and thick vitrines of Harrods and Harvey Nichols before) when I visited Fashion Week’s exhibition rooms for all the buyers and press.
Mawi Keivom, creative head, founder and heart of Mawi London, was personally showing us all of her different collections and it was a pure honour to get the permission of taking pictures. Down to earth and without any attitude, Mrs. Keivom was even kind enough to give me and my photography skills a go on herself, which makes me absolutely proud.
So far, Mawi released over 20 collections, comprised of over 4000 styles and “continues to provide luxury items that never fail to tell a vibrant story” (Mawi F/W 2012 Press Release). This year’s F/W collection seems to find its roots in an Indo-cultural background mixed up with spicy studs, sparkling gems and an even mix of bright colours. Described as a “timelessly adored panther motif”, Mawi used the animal inspired look and transformed it into a modern context, that even catches me. Although I rather avoided animals in jewellery so far (they rather tend to hang out on my body keeping me warm in the colder times of the season), I absolutely fell in love with the long chained panther necklaces. As the emphasis of urban glamour is set to be in the focus of the F/W season of this year, “Punk Rajah” and “Neo Pagan” are just two other components that left me speechless of Mawi’s latest collection.
Some day, I will be in possession of a Mawi piece & I will never give it back.
It was an honour to write about one of my absolute favourite jewellery designers and her amazing collections, which always surprise.
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