Friday, 8 Sept 2017   Ralph Lauren’s Leather Lennox Bag 


I’m a little obsessed with Ralph Lauren’s Pebbled Leather Lennox Bag. While I was hesitant to get myself the Small Sullivan Saddle Bag last year (which turned out to be a good decision as I, deep down, knew it was a little too plain for my everyday-wear), this Lennox babe looks like a dream come true, uniting Ralph Lauren’s classic equestrian chic with a pinch of boho – on to my wish list!

Friday, 8 Sept 2017   HELLO FEED!

I think that we don’t need the hype around a “new post on the blog” any longer and I love the short version of quickly digestible content, that I can easily check out when I’m out and about – something that inspires or informs me just enough – without having to read through paragraphs of unnecessary content that has zero substance. And even if some content truly does, it just requires time, a silent moment to sit down and read through something like that.

We’re in a world in which in-depth content needs to be separated from the daily postings we all engage with. The never-ending flow of updates we love (and yes, also hate) is omnipresent and it (on a positive note) forces us all to re-consider what we spend our time with online.

Hence why I think that a short version of what I used to do on here, containing much shorter content, which is worth the share but not a whole post, is what I’d like to see more happening.

I still love feeding this place because it brings me joy and is fun if it’s not requiring the same attention as my job does.In fact, it reminds me of the things I love so much, so don’t get me wrong: there should be always place for the longer posts, a story, an opinion on a topic or whatever else floats my boat.

But it’s that mix of long-form content with quick & easy posts that I love the most at the very moment – and I hope I can feed an own space here, which allows this short version to live while saving me the time for long-form content when it’s worth the format.


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