Sunny Portobello

Last Saturday was simply beautiful. The weather decided to be supersweet and so I was able to leave my beloved trench coat in my bag until the sun went down (and I remembered that we’re still having February and not end of May).
Notting Hill is by far one of my favourite parts of London with the famous Portobello Market. Although it might be very very very touristic for those of us living here, I still love it.
There are no other words to add than to say that I was in the mood to put on some warmer, earthy tones and mix them up with a cool note. That’s why my newly bought Zara bootees (which I also possess in black) had their first experience on London grounds. I don’t know what happened to the tips of the boots (obivously darker than the rest) but as I rushed into several Zara shops, I had to discover that this was somehow done purposely. Because of the silvery studs, I chose to wear grey to my fluffy fur and the bootees. That’s why I put on one of my (and Kate Moss’ (adds total coolness)) favourite jeans and took out my bonnet, which my granny gave me as a present. I don’t know why but I somehow have to laugh when I look at me with this on my head. I always wanted such an exemplar and now I remember myself of being one of the seven dwarfs. I love it with all my heart no matter how Bob-Marley-meets-Seven-Dwarf it maybe looks on me! ;)
Trench coat: Zara
Pullover: Benetton
Fur vest: Hallhuber
Jeans: Superfine
Necklace: from my Granny
Ring: Cartier
Sunnies: Ray Ban
Bonnet: Repeat
Bag: Louis Vuitton
Bootees: Zara
Dwarf no. 7’s out in Notting Hill!
spying into other people’s houses…MUCH FUN!
Wearing sunglasses although there’s no sun. This is how Karl must feel all day long.

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