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>Asia’s Hottest

>   picturecredit: When it came to names like those of lovely Tanya Dziahileva (ok that’s easy you might think but then again remember how many Tanyas, Sashas, Ruslanas, Olgas with all their awesome last names exist), I...

F/W 2011Shoes

Accessories F/W 11 … THE SHOES!

picturecredit: Thank God, has released another Accessories Index, which helps me getting through the shopping dilemmas I just recently came across. I amazingly start getting disgusted by those midi/maxi/whatever-looks-alternative skirts mostly bought at Topshop or American Apparel...


>Mother’s Day!

> Many European countries celebrate Mother’s Day today. To me a little senseless since it should be a natural thing to do something good to your mum (seriously!) but I guess my attitude is kind of the same I...