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In a quite similar post a few months ago, I was trying to put my thoughts together about (not) taking chances for granted after I’ve overcome one hell of an exciting cha(nce)llenge. And despite my silence on this blog...


(Not) Taking chances for granted


I despise preaching texts. And I despise people who tell everyone what to do. And mostly, I hate a mix of these two when it comes to “deep quotes”, which shall enlighten us and help getting through 1.  a bleak monday (“Find a...


In the middle of nowhere


Ruhe – zu wenig Zeit, zu viel zu tun, zu müde um sie zu suchen. Denn suchen muss man Ruhe in London wirklich. Kein Fleckchen, dass so wirklich stillsteht, kein Ort an dem man abschalten kann (oder will). In...


Opinion: Street Chic and Couture

Alexandra Rokhinova 2 Vogue 29Jan15 Dvora_b_646x430

(picture credit: Dvora via I always found something fascinating in the “untouchable” (or rather detached?) version of “making fashion” – may it be to be because I’ve been over-fed with an (over the years immensely) increasing fashion week hype or the...