Monthly Archives: April 2014


Under the magnolia tree


Or: The no-outfit-post for once in my life. Both titles are probably equally bad but there is nothing I can do for my lack of creativity at the very moment. I keep on doing retail therapy over retail therapy between...


Chambray + Leo


“Too warm for the winter coats, too cold for just a thin jacket” … sounds just like the perfect moment to throw my favourite between-seasons  coat over. It’s surprising how, depending on material and cut, a leo coat can...


Sunny Saturday


The title says it all – it’s been a cold but sunny Saturday two weeks ago when a friend of mine took over the camera and shot these pictures. I can’t wait to show what she’s been wearing (also...


Grumpy goes Vogue!


(picture credit: Vogue Magazine via Instagram) Forget about Kimye, forget about Dunham – there’s only one “being” who really deserves that one and only cover: Grumpy Cat. Spotting these pictures on Vogue Magazine’s Instagram account two days ago really made...