Dolce & Gabbana AW14: Once upon a time…

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Once upon a time, in a far away land called Sicily, there lived two kings,  two astonishing fairytale tellers with an exquisite plot that never comes without surprise…

Creating yet another beautiful story of countless pieces, Tchaikovsky’s nutcracker accomplished the elves on the secret *runway* garden to float down and up again in gorgeously embroidered apparel – some of them in lace dresses adorned with florals, others in embroidered coats with animal motifs from foxes to swans, making this collection one of the most romantic and playful Dolce dreams to date.

(*End of the flowery language*)


I’ve been waiting for this fall/winter show to arrive with an almost unreal excitement a few weeks ago and by all my honesty, this collection inspired me like no other did during fashion month.

It appears like I always say the same things about everything Dolce & Gabbana do but it’s not like that. Actually, they really create almost everything my shallow little heart desires. Romantic, feminine and with a handful of drama  – I always realize what fashion can do to me when I just look at the past collections and I know that there are just a few fashion houses, which come close to the same excitement I get from Dolce.


The accessories made of countless ornamental stones along some beautiful fur details – an excellent Italo-Russian fairytale!

The sparkling headpieces heavily remind on the a knight’s headgear (less chic back in the days I suppose – and I’d still have my doubts pulling this in 2014) and the fur hoods combined to floral dresses reminded of red riding hood (it makes sense looking at the amount of the colour red in this collection).


I could keep on writing what why I love most looks of this collection so much but really, where to end with counting all the features, which made me feel so excited on a pretty regular day?

All, which is probably left for me to summarize is: Mirror mirror on the wall, I surely know who’s got the most beautiful collection of them all.



Outline of notable features:

1. Black with a pinch silver sparkle – Elegant & never too much

2. Embroidered gloves – Sweet statement

3. Lacey little foxes – Nothing to add here … “foxes” and you get me!

4. Fur hoodies


5. Florals and fur – Outrageously beautiful

6. Keys – Not yet my thing but we may get there (if they wouldn’t remind me of Tiffany that much .. I can’t even describe how much I don’t get that long-term hype)

7. Purple and red – Always been a secret favourite!

8. Velvet embroidery – Luxurious

9. Pointy flats – You better get a pair of pointy companions now… summer is almost there

10. Middle partings and pony tails

11. And last but not least: Are leggings making a comeback? Is that really happening? Do they look good paired to some pointy flats? I’m still undecided but we’ll see when it’s time to pull these two together … eventually.







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