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Summer, Aubergines & Vienna


I’ve always kept Vienna in my heart and coming back makes me excited, let alone speak of the nostalgic feeling I get while strolling down the streets, hearing the dialect I learned to speak with and feeling that particular...


Berlin & the jacket for a lifetime


Saturday’s outfit, shot in Berlin yesterday. As some might have already guessed from the numerous Snapchat posts, I find myself a little more regularly in Berlin lately and you know what? I like it. It took me years and years...


Off the shoulders


Although off-shoulder tops have quickly been turned into one of these “fashun-blogger-thangs”, I have to admit that I’ve favourited them ever since randomly ordering one of my LBDs with an off-shoulder style a while ago. Let’s face it: off-shoulder tops are 2015’s pointy lace-up...


White Summer-Knit


Boho chic for a chilly first Saturday in June, roaming the streets of Notting Hill. It seems like this summer is all about embracing the inner (if still urban & high-maintenance, please..) hippie, which I happily jump on to...