DIRNDL CRUSH: Lanz Salzburg +!

It’s the ultimate Dirndl time for Germany soon again (because we Austrians are used to wear ours all year long – duh!) and I couldn’t be more impressed to spot these news!

Well known Dirndl creator Lanz (located here in Salzburg) and online store have just launched their collaboration perfect in time for the Oktoberfest (starting in September).

There is something about the Dirndl which always makes my heart go faster – not least because I’m a little patriot ;).

Exquisitely produced and always with a deep focus on quality and tradition, Lanz is now taking it to a new level mixing four exclusively designed and two very classic Dirndl and making them available via mytheresa.

Speaking for myself, I couldn’t be happier to see these six beautifully designed Dirndl online while realising that they all kept the most important points of a Dirndl dress.

I never made it that clear but let me tell you one thing: There are certain facts about a Dirndl, which will immediately reveal whether you know how to dress well or not.

There is nothing worse than reviewing all the Oktoberfest pictures year by year and seeing what some designers (or those who think they are) can destroy and call it a typical Dirndl.

Too much knick-knack, often very cheap (which most of the time has nothing to do with the price) and simply overloaded with details that don’t match – that’s how my heart’s bleeding when spotting “extraordinary” Dirndl.

However and as an influential benchmark, Lanz is definitely one of the highest labels in the broad traditionwear yet relies on their basic principles and never looses track of keeping up with today‘s colour trending.

Next to Caroline of Monaco or much admired Grace Kelly, Lanz Dirndl are world widely recognised and the favourite of many celebrities.

With this collection, Lanz and mytheresa definitely made me hungry for the Oktoberfest and I hope to attend it this year with my tailored Lanz-Dirndl (celebrating its third birthday this year). I’m happy to see that red and green is still a timeless combination ;)

My favourite!! :)

Not really liking the McQueen clutch in combination… but still love the dress! :)

Beautiful colour combination of light blue and brown!

Another favourite! :)

picture credit: Courtesy of Lanz &

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