Camouflage meets Crochet

I’ve been searching for “the right” camouflage jacket in a long time now and finally came very close to the hot spot of my desire.

Well, in fact I think I hit it!

This jacket has the generous  of sparkle I could bear on this kind while leaving out any other detailing or a typical non-bodycon cut. A good mix of coolness-meeting-an-OK-amount-of-girlygirl.

As the material isn’t too thick (which will make it harder to pull it solely on a colder day in fall…- but who cares!?), I combined this rather masculine and harsher pattern to my soft playsuit, which keeps my typical styling habit.

The shoe question remained unanswered until the very end. I decided to shoot this look in a beautiful, green and mystic area of Salzburg, which gave me a (small but) hard time to get there.

Located on a mountain and only reachable through single walking (and remember that it was about 30 °C in the late morning), I took my flat sandals with me to do that bit of hiking up there.

(The “I don’t want to do this anymore” and “Are we there?!” as well as “Why the hell are we doing this?!” were all included and just held on till we reached the highest part and had this beautiful view of the city!)

It may seem ridiculous but YES I changed shoes up there and pulled the look I originally had in my head- there’s nothing, which could stop me from doing what I wanted to do ;).

What did this teach me? A) The hike was worth it B) The jacket was a good buy (I can feel it)  and C) Walking with wedges downhill is still easier than walking in comfy sandals uphill.

Have a good Wednesday!! :)

Jacket: Zara

Playsuit: Space Italia

Bangle: From my Granny

(Flats: Zara)

Wedges: Aldo

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