An Ottoman summer – Hello from Bodrum!


Forget about Indian summer, it’s an Ottoman one! At least for me. :)

Heading South to absorb some real last summer-feelings with a trip to Bodrum was probably one of the best ideas of my summer planning.

After we’ve been enjoying such a pleasant stay in Istanbul back in July (see all of the posts here) and after hearing so many tempting points about this little South-Western city of Mugla, it was somewhat already decided that there won’t be any other way than to come back to Turkey for a second time this year.

Opposite the Greek island of Kos and between Turkish resort areas, the Bodrum Peninsula seems to be a favourite destination by a great amount of pretty-places-and-pretty spaces appreciators.

With a stylish crowd, numerous clubs and pretty marinas, Bodrum is often referred to as the “French Riviera with a twist” (Conde Nast Traveller), “the next St. Tropez” (New York Times) – or simply the modern, smartly-dressed Turkish answer to what Middle Europeans often believe to be the pretty destination to travel to in summer times.

Between bikini-lifestyle and the muezzin calls (check the short video on my Instagram here), there lays Göltürbükü, which is a little more up north to the “city center” of Bodrum and comprises a fair number of better restaurants, bars and boutique hotels.

Just like the incredible Macakizi hotel we’re staying in and which offers everything we imagine to ask for. There’s already a separate post all about this beautiful boutique hotel (waiting to be online in a few days) and I really can’t wait to show a full range of different impressions I shot upon our arrival and throughout nice moments.


So what have I been up to?

Snoozing in the sun, trying out every imaginable non-alcoholic cocktail at the sea-side lounge, hanging out in the open living area, popping over to Greece by boat, walking down the Türkbükü promenade, driving over to Yalikavak marina and even dipping in the sea (my shark-phobia is universal and I really don’t care whether there’s a bigger possibility for me to be hit by a bus in London than to be eaten by a shark, which is not even close to approach the shore of a marina bay in the Aegean sea ;)) – I did it all.

Hitting Bodrum’s city core is on the agenda as well (of course!) and I can already tell that even this is probably going to be a little adventure like everything else.

For the past days, we’ve been having a truly nice time (I don’t want to exaggerate and call it the best but it honestly was a real recreating one so far) and there’s nothing I really miss at the moment.


I don’t even know what’s actually going on as I was having a good summer but this here seems like the cherry on top of all.

As I get a little over reflective, I realized that one should appreciate the here and now rather than worrying too much about the future (which somehow always accompanies me).

And that’s what I’m going to do the next days, too – care less, enjoy life & appreciate what I have: Great holidays with the most important people (all of the them around me :)) in a stylish place. :)

Stay tuned for more!


The little “pre”view on our arrival…


Once everything was unpacked, the beach deck bar was ours…


..and the drinks, too.


Dinner time!


CALAMARI CARBONARA! Yes you read that right – Deliciously grilled calamari styled in the typical Italian way; not the prettiest dish to look at BUT one of the must-orders at Macakizi restaurant.




Or what about black paella with some generous chunks of lobster?


Dark chocolate tarte with hot spiced chocolate sauce poured over when served. Homemade vanilla ice cream & chocolate crumbs as a side – real foodporn, huh?!


The “signature” one – Valrhona Guanaja chocolate warm cake, caramel filling and almond ice cream!


Fruity fans will love this! Seasonal fruit Charlotte with pistachio meringue.


Or what about a classic Panna Cotta?!


Next morning’s greetings – waking up with this sunrise!


And off we went down to the beach deck…






Lunch time


The average things normally lying chaotically around me ;) (I once tried and do a more “artistic” picture like all fancy bloggers out there do … turns out, I’m simply not talented in these “still life” assembling thing).

PS: YES, I still do have an iPod and yes, it’s pink and also yes, I don’t care whether no other human being uses an iPod any longer except me!


A little selfie-check…


… before taking a little cruise around the bays near Macakizi with our dear friends!






Coffee time after that windy cruise


Nice little colour blocking up the boat deck – blue, white/cream & greige.



Flower-Power-Mum & Pink-Trousers-Dad … matchy matchy parents.


Then there was the trip to Greece … waiting to be fully shown in another post! :)


But here’s a little preview of what I’ve been wearing


Aaaand back to Bodrum!


Lahmacun & grilled Calamari salad with Quinoa for another lunch


Cigarettes & sundowners



…and a real smile of a (much entertained ;) and) happy girl!

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