On my playlist: Part 4


Again, a wild bunch of different music genres, which don’t mach to each other necessarily and still do something mood and mind in their own way.

By the way: One of my favourite channels, Konschti’s aural pleasure, has closed down and re-opened a new site a couple of months ago (thus some of the videos I linked in the previous On My Playlist posts might not work any longer) but that new site’s definitely worthy to check out.

Majestic Casual and Eton Messy both seem perfectly fine as always & then there’s a new kid on the block to me (yes it’s not such a new kid to the rest of this world…yes, yes, yes I’m quite late): The Sound You Need. Check out if you bring time and silence as a background to fully tune in.

Have a nice day & enjoy.

(picture credit: Saint Laurent via fashiongonerogue)

Quite long intro (till 2:09 approx) but most beautiful mix in a long time.

May sound like an irritating kindergarden choir first but big love.

Doesn’t matter whether you support Obama or not.

I truly fall for saxophone-piano parts one can say.


Oh so cool ;)


& favourite picture by Henrik Purienne used! <3


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