The fur survey

(picture credit: “Transformer”, Hedi Slimane for V Magazine, issue #72)

I’d like to ask you for a tiny favour.

I’m currently working on a major project (hence the lack of posts over here) and would like to ask you whether you could fill out this QUICK, EASY & ANONYMOUS survey:


If you have anything else to add or wish to share any view on this issue, you’re more than welcome to leave me a comment or write to anna.theresa@gmx.de. 

Any opinion will receive the respect it deserves and I’m not going to reveal any name or given argument in case you consider writing me privately.

This survey is not related to the blog and I shouldn’t be taking it to this place but I really do like to get some valuable, honest outcomes – and it’s only possible if I get you to spare 1 minute to complete this. :)

I’ll be back with a little post on what’s actually going on later this week (it sounds more exciting writing this sentence than it is in reality…). Until then, thanks in advance to those of you who take their time to help me out on this.

PS: I do hope you won’t feel offended by the last question on this survey. It would be grown-up, great and intelligent to not feel personally attacked by a question and to, therefore, not personally attack back.

Some might have not understood it properly; to clarify: In case you’d only wear faux fur (“fur made of synthetic materials”), why do you aim for something which is imitating fur? Is this contradictory? Why not? Why? This question is primarily concerned with the LOOK faux fur is giving (rather than the obvious fact that it’s not a dead animal and therefore “politically more correct”  to wear).

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