Love HK from LDN


I’m back, I’m back, I’m back for good. Back in London, back with the camera, back with a few more outfit focussed posts.

I missed these things (above all this city!) so much more than I thought and I can’t believe I have to say goodbye in less than a week again before I’m fully heading back at the end of September.

My next days are going to be packed – or shall I say un-packed as I’m currently moving to the most charming place I’ve ever called mine?! I really don’t want to hide my excitement. I’m one very lucky girl.

And somehow I still manage to get stressed out with the most common procedures of such a moving experience (I don’t want to lie: Moving IS stressful regardless of how much love your new place). That’s why I decided that my dressing habits shouldn’t stand in my way, thus gave my old shirt and even older shorts a go.

The heels? A small attempt to feel less shabby when escaping the moving boxes for dinner. Surely not wearing them while lifting all those boxes and other stuff.

Have I left out the fact that we rented a mini van to get my all of my (okay and a little amount of someone else’s ;)) necessities aka fall/winter wardrobe over to London!? I can 100 % assure you: It’s a magic machine. No arguments, no fights, no crying, no compromises, no worries! A real relation-and friendship enhancer while moving. ;)

Have a nice day. I’m off to packing & loving HK “white version” today. ;)

Camouflage shirt: Zara, T-Shirt: Noname, Shorts: A&F, Sunnies: Ray Ban, Heels & Bag: Zara





A little side story to the shirt? Some people choose to fly to very questionable areas in Mallorca (sometimes Ibiza but that’s most of the time already too classy) as soon as they got their highschool diplomas.

It’s like a common tradition in the German speaking areas (at least in Germany (big time!) and Austria (partially?!)). While I think that it’s fine if one likes spending money and time at particularly strange places (including getting drunk, throwing up, staying in dirty places, behaving like Jersey Shore meets Channel 4 series “What happens in Kavos”), I really didn’t feel too keen on doing the same.

Not that I’m too judgmental (the majority of my friends has done such a trip) but I knew quite soon that this is not how I’d like to celebrate the end of my school life.

Instead, I was gifted with an amazing trip to Hong Kong and I couldn’t have been more happy. I simply loved staying there, it’s an amazing city and I promised myself to come back. While staying there, a friend of mine asked me to get her a shirt with the typical I love HK saying. “Yeah why not”, I thought and while deciding which shirts to take for her, I thought that I’m going to turn into a PROPER tourist and buy myself two of them as well. I didn’t regret this very smart purchase until now – as you can see: I’m still loving HK and I’ve never seen someone else promoting their Hong Kong love as much as I do ;)

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