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It’s the middle of summer, some of us might have already gone half way through their free time spent somewhere.

And still, we find ourselves in the obligatory question of WHERE TO GO.

Where are these hotspots everyone’s seeking to be at (and rarely really get there)? Do I seriously need to rely on huge online advisors who don’t know me at all?

(Because if they would, I promise you one thing: They would not recomend me that shabby hotel located in the middle of nowhere when planning a trip to Mallorca).

I’ve been coming through all of these questions so many times when deciding to do a nice trip that I mostly ended up desperately asking nearly EVERYONE I came across for the next chic bar, the hippest hotel or the coolest restaurant.

Thank God, heaven (or alternatively: Some creative heads) has (have) sent me a solution to the decisive question of when, where, how to be. Something, which will make it much easier on my upcoming trips! has just launched its first online presence engaging users to a faster, easier and much more selected way of finding the right spots at the right time.

It’s like someone has finally put a common problem out there in words and solved it with awesomeness!

When having my first look on, I already knew: They know what I’m searching for. It’s not about the mass rating and the taste of nobodies who once in a while care about an entry at some advisor page.

It’s about people with the certain know-how. Those of us who perfectly sense the trends of well deserved leisure time and those of us who share a similar taste of life and style.

Self-confident and with a deep focus on reliance, more than 10 different so-called ambassadors constantly update with the hottest places “to be” without any further intention but the honest will to make life easier.

Which certainly is the case.

While finding myself in total boredom when thinking about my standard restaurant list in London (and believe me: Hakkasan, Asia de Cuba and Sumosan may be fine but not enough), I chose to try and received total satisfaction while being surprised about the broad range of choice.

It’s not about the most expensive restaurant, the most famous bar or the chicest boutique – it’s about relying on TASTE and style and that distinctive sense of trending, which makes so special.

As one of the founders, Maximilian Waldmann, has put it in words one can clearly agree that “there are more guides than travellers out there, but mostly unsuccessful.”

“It was clear that this was going to be a tough battle” but working in a perfectly organised team has made it possible and has brought to life!

Together with online pro and self-considered “tech freak” Mike, who essentially manages the website with his sustainable business model, the young entrepreneurs have definitely made enough effort to impress.

And keep the promised high standard.

I’m thrilled to be able to rely on people who know the list of places inside out and share their experiences on a legitimate basis.

Enough with the average mass advisors who mostly don’t know anything but the regular where-to-be-at.

It’s time to be finally at the right and! Let the good times roll!

Curious about where,when,how to be? Check Website!

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