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Postcard from South Africa!


On my way to back to London at the beginning of January, I already knew much I will miss these two beautiful weeks I spent in South Africa over Christmas and New Year’s. And how I so stupidly forgot to send my beloved auntie the much promised postcard, which she would have loved to receive. […]


Hello from South Africa! – Christmas at Madikwe Safari Lodge


It feels like an eternity since I’ve closed my laptop, packed up my stuff and took the 12-hours flight to the destination I’ve been dreaming of in a long time. Since I can remember, I’ve always wished for a safari adventure. And this year, it finally came true when we decided to leave the annual […]


(A delayed) Postcard from Barcelona


My postcard from South Africa took ages to reach the blog. It should have been different with a postcard from Barcelona, thinking about the fact that there’s not such a distance between this city and London. But no, not in this case. I way too long held back to these few impressions, shot back during Easter […]