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I’ve vanished for almost three weeks again but those of you who follow on Instagram & Snapchat(@lapulcinella) stayed well informed – it was quite a moving time (literally!) lately for me.

With hopping around between London, Berlin, Munich & Cologne for quality time, I found myself quite busy, not able to make some room for blogging while moving into a new flat, finding myself in a new role on a professional level and catching flights on a weekly basis.

Now that I feel like the weeks have passed by without any beep from my side over here, I take this stroll-around in my casual monochrome look as a good reason to post again.

I kept this flat cap in my hat dominated accessories drawer for quite a while, always glancing at it but never brave enough to incorporate it into an outfit.

Partially, I blame Pretty Woman for that – as much as I love watching this movie whenever I feel like I need a more unrealistic happy-end than any Disney story could ever promise, I subconsciously filed the cap under the “hooker gone loved millionaire’s girlfriend” look.

Now that I felt like this is a rather average look if I didn’t mingle a slight twist in, I decided that it was time to get out of my hat-comfort-zone and pull the cap.

Saturdays like these, where I don’t feel like doing anything in particular, miss my better half who’s not with me in town, trying out a gem like the flat cap and strolling around Mayfair … sometimes they can be useful.

…at least if you bump into a friend, do a 15-minute catch-up power-talk, drink your third coffee of the day and feel comfortable enough to say “here, grab my bag, please. Let’s do some quick shots while nobody’s watching”. ;)

Flat cap: Laird London (one of my favourite hat shops, near Covent Garden)

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