Monthly Archives: January 2014


POD Boutique Hotel in Camps Bay


Located almost directly at the beach of Camps Bay, our hotel, POD, was definitely the best choice. As a beautiful little gem in midst of the little but quite glamorous beach town, POD stuns with modern, clean architecture, which perfectly...




Cheetahs are my favourite animals since I can remember and even Lion King couldn’t change my mind on these wild cats. This was one of my favourite encounters ever. Sadly, it was not in the wilderness but in an...


Hello Cape Town!


…I wish I could say that again. As sad as it is but I’m back to reality, back in London and couldn’t crave more to go back to dreamy Cape Town. After having some great, relaxed Christmas days at...


Game viewing at Madikwe Game Reserve


After all the sentimental things, reviews and resolutions of the past days, I think it’s time to move on with my South African adventure and share pictures of the incredible time I had at Madikwe Game Reserve before moving...