Weekly Favourite: Liberty London x Diptyque Insolite Candle


When moving into the new flat, I knew what I was going to do for sure: Candle hunting. Forget about flowers or other decor, I’m a firm believer in a good candle with a good scent!

It wasn’t until two weeks ago that I finally found “the right one” for the living area and, as it usually is the case, the most spontaneous purchase turned out to be the best one.

While passing the windows of Liberty, I spotted “Insolite” and although I haven’t bought a single Diptyque candle before, I really don’t regret taking this one with me.

Packaged in the iconic and much recognizable Liberty floral & peacock pattern, the candle gives a perfect amount of fall/winter-scent without overdoing it. It’s not too woody, nor too sweet (that wouldn’t happen anyways; I hate sweet scents), nor is too festive or even christmassy (no, thanks).

Diptyque puts in the following words:

A rich blend of warm and cold spices, leaves and petals, zests and peels, Insolite was inspired by the many aromas and fragrances found in the curiosity and cabinets and eclectic boutiques like Liberty and Dyptique.”


Someone who’s never been to either one of those places would probably have a hard time imagining what Insolite should represent according to this description (and quite frankly, I don’t remember Liberty smelling anything else than neutral (?!) but maybe that’s just me) but I can assure that it’s the a lovely scent with a perfect blend of different elements – a little bit of wood, a little bit of herb note and a slight spice to get you in an acceptable and bearable fall-mood.

Smell & get one out of 5000 now before they’re all gone here.




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