Weekend read: “Finding your M.O. (Moda Operandi)” via BoF

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picture credit: via Interview Magazine Germany

I’d probably recommend reading most of the things Business of Fashion, BoF, is feeding us with but there’s particularly one column, which I really enjoyed going through during the past months.

Áslaug Magnusdottir, CEO of Moda Operandi, shares her thoughts and experiences on bringing a fashion technology start-up to life and taking it from there onwards.

It’s not only an interesting glimpse into the given inside of Magnusdottir’s experiences for those who eventually think about (or work on) starting a (fashion related) company but it also touches some points we all could learn of and interpret personally. Regardless whether you’re an aiming entrepreneur or not.


Starting with “Part 1: From Big Idea to Launch”, the column also covers topics like “Making the Most of Mentorship”, “Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction” as well as “How Wise is Conventional Wisdom?” among numerous others.

There are 18 parts so far and you can find all of them over here.

Have a nice weekend!




picture credit 2+3: via Wall Street Journal

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