Resort collections 2014: Simplicity is the key…

(DKNY above and below) true sophistication. And to look dressed up without any try-hard and unnecessary accessories.

It seems like clean chic is pretty much what I’ve turning to when it comes to admiring all the different resort collections, which were released during the past days. Although I’ve never greatly commented on resort collections, these ones seem to be way too good and inspiring not to put a whole blog post up and fully enjoy these great looks I picked out as my 6 top ones.

The main points clearly standing out? Black and white (or call it “monochrome” for the fashionable actuality’s sake) remains but comes into a much more simple and plain block combinations and is perfectly mixed with  pretty colour splashes here and there. Open-toe and strap heels stay, silhouettes slightly change.


It’s not about full bodycon dresses, tops & trousers but rather depends on a concentrated dose of bodycon areas and mix them with more loosely hanging, androgynous cut pieces.

While I seem to fully indulge into these beauties and can’t stop looking at them, some may ask what resort collections may be good for, why they matter and what they actually are.

I would have probably given you a very simple answer by saying that it’s the tempting (or not so tempting) preview of what a designer has in mind for the following spring/summer. But I guess I majorly missed out on some points and so, I started searching for an interesting explanation.

Voilà, Emily Seares of Fashionbite has put a great article together (click here) just a few days ago, going not only through the Resort Collection-term but also giving reasons why they matter and providing an interesting video.

I’ll leave you with these six favourites of mine. Something they all have in common besides from what I said? They’re easy to transform and integrate as daily looks rather than just being nice to look at! :)

(Far left and second from the right are my favourites)

(The model heavily reminds me of Grumpycat .. but I’m still in love with the jumpers!

(Clean cuts & dark tones; nothing else to ask for! <3)

(Second from the right must be my favourite of all the looks in this post!)

(Not sure about the shoes on the right .. the rest is super fine!)

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