Where have I been? In an Apple trauma.


Okay let’s expand on the answer a little bit: In amazing Saigon/Ho Chi Minh City as you could have seen on Instagram (blog post follows), on my way back to Cologne but during the past three days mostly in hell!

On Tuesday, I was just about to publish one of my blurry iPhone outfit posts when my laptop was doing weird things (once again) and wouldn’t let me type anything in without making big letters and doing everything as if the reverse cap was on.

It clearly wasn’t and so I fell in a slight hysteric state of mind as this never happened before (bad characteristic I admit).

(Also, it would only let me do a security login (what the?) and it wouldn’t open any page or select any stuff the way I would have liked it to be)

IPhoto crashing down? Happened.

Laptop not switching on due to a destroyed hard drive? Happened.

ITunes being only partially there? Happened.

I guess all of these three things were one of these moments where I was in this trauma but this time I was googling like a psychopath (as far as I was able with my pseudo reverse cap keyboard) what it could be, emailed one of the most helpful & smartest people working for Apple and tried to cool down while my parents declared me to be a little “out of control” insisting that I “have to change something about this surreal relationship to your (my) laptop”.

My dad promised to spend his time accompanying me to the next Apple store once we’re back. Yes, sometimes I become 3 years old and nothing will stop me from acting more grown up.

As I wasn’t willing to touch my laptop and see that it still wouldn’t work (compare this situation to the moment at Sex & The City when Carrie didn’t want to look at her destroyed shoes thanks to Adan’s dog “No, no don’t show them to me.. OH MY GOD LOOK AT THEM”), I was just not in the mood to blog or behave socially acceptable in any way online.

So what happened on the day of my appointment with the Genius Bar at one of the Apple stores? I switched the laptop on at home to try something with my USB stick.


And just like that: It worked again. I switched it on after leaving it closed down for three days and it worked again.

It was official: My laptop is a bitch.

Nevertheless, I went to the Apple store, attended the Genius Bar appointment, was AGAIN declared as a “not really describable” customer and went out with my old and a new laptop.

I already had several experiences all over the world whenever one of my sweet Apple products would temporarily let me down. I had it all: Nothing but helplessness at a Genius Bar in Miami (my iPod wasn’t working at all and at this time this was my biggest problem…wishing those times back!), half of Covent Garden Apple store applauding after a 6 hour-stay, another 2000 question marks concerning my problems but always a light at the end of the tunnel (even if it took 6 hours…).

So how could it have been different when driving to the Rhine Center in Cologne (I detest these centers but I’d probably do anything for a peaceful mind)?!

From now on, I will separate my online life and will store blog & leisure stuff on my old big girl while using my new, thinner baby for serious “university-stuff”.

It wasn’t an easy decision… iPad mini, Macbook Air or maybe the smallest version of a Pro?

“You have a Pro, you moan about its heaviness and I doubt it will become better if you took a smaller screen. iPad mini?! That must be a joke!” was my my dad’s answer and so the Air fell into my hands like magic and wanted to be taken home.


So yes. From now on, I’m a mental person working on two laptops with 2 external hard drives of  1 Terabyte each (!), 2 magic USB sticks, 200 other USBs being all over my places (and bags and trousers and key chains) and hopefully a new pack of nerves, the willingness to update software more often (please kids, ALWAYS do that! You’ll be in biggest trouble I can assure from now on!) and simple happiness after nearly one week of online absence.

What did we learn from that? Always do updates, always keep a backup somewhere, never loose your nerves (that’s a good one) and search for brilliant heads who can solve your problems instead of trying it yourself.

I know, this post isn’t really related to anything but “simple” complicated life; I just couldn’t help it but to explain what I’ve been up to after having 2 weeks of absolutely amazing holidays. To give an impression of how my blogging addiction has changed my life, I officially illustrate what my daily life of online preparation and work really looks like.

No glitter hearts and no Instagram friendly lifestyle pics of my electronic products being put together with flowers in the background to make it look sweeter. Just the truth.

A big thank you to the guys at Genius Bar who will never forget the craziest customer they ever had, my dad and my man behind the cam ;)

Have a nice Sunday!



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