Chilly eve


It was indeed a very chilly evening starting with no higher temperatures but above all filled with a huge moment of frozen bitchiness & a very warm laugh afterwards.

I  will try to cut a long story short: I was invited to a “private shopping sales” whatsoever event promising to be all awesome and great in a nice location.

Unfortunately, I had to discover that manners can be forgotten or not even existing sometimes. Since I don’t earn anything out of writing down what I experienced in the 10 minutes time spent over there before leaving again, I guess I keep it up my style and just say:

If you’re hosting something, then make sure to be nice to the people you invite for a certain purpose but above all it would be great to keep things professional. Nothing beats these essentials except (catty) attitudes, unkindness and simply wrong & misplaced behaviour.

My highlight of this evening was probably one of two chihuahuas wandering around (who left for the dog basket after taking a look around!), the satisfying cigarette when being out there and a huge laugh with my man.

I guess I deserved my dumplings at a nice dim sum chain later on very well. ;)

By the way: I’m catching my plane to my holidays in a few hours & don’t know how quickly I’ll be able to access WordPress, Facebook & co again. I do think that it shouldn’t be of a great issue since I’m staying in a quite nice hotel … but never say never!

Fur Vest: Hallhuber, Blouse & Leather Leggings: Club Monaco, Bracelet 1: Michael Kors, Bracelet 2: Hermès, Earrings: Butler&Wilson, Bag: & Other Stories, Shoes: Prego








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