10 things to hate & love about Valentine’s Day


So yes, there’s another day I actually don’t appreciate as much as others do and it’s Valentine’s day.

Just like my Christmas feature, I already wrote an article about the whole issue in German and English (last year).

So, I thought I’m going to summarize and add some points to this hyper day and analyze some good and bad things.

Whether you’re a single lady, handsome loner or in a good or bad relationship; something’s always going on and if it’s not yourself, then I’m sure it’s someone else making you feel awkward on that day.

Enjoy this list & don’t believe the hype.


The negative

1. You’ll see fucking chocolate hearts, balloon hearts, confetti hearts, heart napkins and everything you can print or create as heart for like 3 weeks in advance

(It will remind you either that a) you better do something about the fact that you’re in a relationship and get something to avoid the “no I didn’t want anything anyway”-lie drama or b) you are still/again/forever alone and will die on the 14th)

2. Facebook overload with people whining over it or bursting out in virtual romance; but social networks will make sure that you don’t forget it either way

3. Guys with red roses reminding that you won’t receive any of them

4. The lie that you are okay staying in this night and watch movies to avoid the Facebook overload

5. Your mother telling you that this day hasn’t even existed when she was your age (and that this won’t cheer you up in any way)

6 . Unnecessary relationship drama about the question “what to do” and “where” and “how” – you can apply this to any kind of activity or gift.

7. The forced feeling to feel good or bad that day. The feeling for singles to feel bad because they don’t have anybody (sorry but can you say that this is not the only day you’re single? get over it) and the feeling for people in a relationship to feel good because they have SOMEbody (sorry but can you realise that Valentine’s day should be every day?)

8. Relationships having their first Valentine’s day together and being all excited about it ..(just to find out that it’s going to end up in some kind of bad day as expectations are too high for .. nothing!)

9. People being negative about this whenever they are single but then turn all excited and positive the moment they are in a relationship and will you, as the single person, remind you of how bad you should feel (oh you! shut up and don’t tell me how amazing it was of your boyfriend to send you that cute e-card… it was probably the automatic reminder of his mail system reaching you!)

10. The reminder that even the ugliest people on earth managed to have their pendant and will have something going on. While you will be somewhere saying “no I’m fine .. I feel good!”


The positive

1. As a single you can be happy not to be in an unhappy relationship with someone who’s maybe treating you like shit and will remind you of this on that day

2. A good reason to get drunk

3. Party overload in the city with loads of drunk people all having all the same depression-aversion cocktail

4. In a relationship with someone who treats you well, you will receive something; doesn’t matter how often you say that you don’t care about it.

5. In a grown up relationship (preferably with someone who treats you well too) you won’t even realise that this was Valentine’s day and … will find out that it actually was 1 week later

6. A good reason to start Sex and the City again

7. Retail therapy’s best excuse

8. The realization of the fact that hearts are dumb and that you will avoid them on any kinds of messages in future

9. If you seriously don’t care, this is going to be a Thursday with loads of strange average love comedies on TV

10. No further points to add


As for me, I will be taken out for dinner. So 11. would be: The fact that you will eat somewhere amazing (preferably your favourite spot).





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