December Blues

The lack of posts pretty much explains the whole situationtime is running and I’m chasing after it.

And it’s not only about the general first world problems that frequently turn up in life but this time there are some things that appear to be more nerve wrecking than just the question of why it is so crazily freezing outside.

Not only that uni is proving me and my learned IB skills (“risk taker”, “open-minded”, “caring”, “balanced”, “principled” – IB kids will know what I mean) tremendously,  our boiler also decided to crash down. For 4 days. No warm water, no heating.

Welcome to Antarctica!

And welcome to inefficient housing systems in the UK.

My dad would call it a lesson for life but I rather call it hell on earth, which forced me to shower in cold water (and don’t tell me any beauty Youtube guru bullshit explanation of how amazing cold water is for long hair – it’s freezing and it’s giving headaches) and travel to other people’s flats to keep it up with hygienic standards.

And this is happening in the 21st century in a part of London, which should be far away from any of those problems.

But that’s another lesson: It doesn’t matter at which part in London you live (and may it be as central as it is in my case) – you will always face some kind of rip-off, exploitation and simple problems turning into huge fights with agencies and landlords (if they even introduce themselves to you).

Moving away from the very uncomfortable parts of the past days, I decided to aclimatize and turn into a blue ice block.

The jeans were found last weekend at home in Cologne after believing that they slowly died somewhere in my closets (which, in fact, made me very happy ;)). As one can see – I turned in the classic direction for this day. Old blouse, new cardigan & old, old boots.

I love how I can take care of some things (even if they disappeared for some years) and then pull them out again and they don’t look shabby (okay, yes, the boots do look a little … worn… but still…!).

I somehow like the combination of light blue tones and a strong grey, which is even underlined by its material.

The jacket is big and makes me feel a little cozier!

Have a nice Wednesday & dress yourself warmly – the end of the world seems very close after this week!

Cardigan: DKNY

Blouse: A&F

Denim: Acne

Bracelet: Adorable present from my Granny

Boots: Belstaff


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With an Austrian and German background, Anna has lived in London for almost 7 years now. started as a personal fashion & lifestyle diary in 2009 and was re-launched in 2015 with a new design.

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