Art Basel Miami: Life on Prada Marfa planet!

In the mood for some window shopping without people bumping into you?

Then, pack up your stuff and fly to the middle of nowhere (also known as: West Texas) and take a look at the commonly known Prada “store” over there.

Meant as an art installation, the store, which is shut and obviously not selling anything, displays pieces of the 2005 bags and shoes collection by the Italian brand.

Since I cam across some first pictures years ago, it was always that little dream imagination of having NOBODY disturbing you while checking out all the things.

(and yes, of course, taking pictures and just being able to say “I saw it with my own eyes. I drove by and spent my precious time visiting this while doing an exciting tour through Texas”)

Well, besides from the fact that the displayed pieces are so out of time that there’s a good possibility for them to have a revival in two seasons again, I can only say how much I like this surreal art piece.

The way it just stands there, it somehow looks a little like being on another planet (but maybe this is just appearing to those who’ve never done any kind of roadtrip through the US…I can’t tell).

Gray Malin, who’s currently displayed at the Art Basel in Miami Beach, has taken this thought to a more “lively” level and shot these pictures to “bring the famous sealed up Prada store in Marfa to life” again.

Whether a full and an empty rack as well as a banana peel are really taking this installation to scene remains in the beholder’s eye.

I’m more wondering what these two Cowboys were searching for … and where the woman got this amazing mule from (something I’d definitely need now and then!).

picture credit: Gray Malin via



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