Pink Dabber

Did I say that there’s a possibility for me to get a little calmer the upcoming weeks till Christmas?

I must have been joking. Thanks to a very logical organisation, I’m asked to film a video the upcoming weeks for one of my modules and yes, this is slightly freaking me out.

Until now, I rather remained on the more “quiet”, written side of covering things but yeah…there’s no choice than to challenge myself with my voice and appearance in a more lively way now. I guess it’s okay as long as I’m not looking at it another time (although I will have to do so for 1000 times to make sure that tone, light and all the other stuff were done in the right way).

For that day (finding this out gave me definitely a little moment of anger), I chose to change my outfit to a more cozy tone and just get clear on everything.

Knits on knits and comfortable jeans were needed to fulfill my self-pity-day.

To  avoid falling asleep in this grey-brown whatsoever look, I pulled the thick knitted scarf in its dark but bold pink (and I was having a short conversation which colour it exactly is but just to make it clear: it’s definitely not violet).

The hair was not working either, so even scrunchies didn’t want to stay the way I wanted them to do. At least, my hair stayed in this place without any fixing (yes, sometimes it tends to just hold itself together like this).

Have a better day and spend your time on Christmas shopping and other (un)necessary things ;)

Cardigan: A&F

Jeans: Superfine

Scarf: Allude

Boots: Buffallo

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