Dark Chocolate

There are days at which I feel to snuggle up in bed all day and do nothing but sleeping and watching the most inacceptable series.

Last Sunday was definitely one of these days and although I had to finalize loads of different things for uni, I wasn’t really into dressing up.

Between this overload of cocooning,we decided to go for a little walk … I’m not a I-need-my-daily-dose-of-fresh-air kind of person but as you can see at my paleness … It wasn’t harming ;).

I love this jacket and although it turns 3 this year it’s still in best condition. I still remember when I firstly saw it in a window display of some completely unknown boutique in Vienna.

It was love at first sight and after my assumption was confirmed (after touching the fur and looking at it a little more, I immediately thought that this must be Chinchilla), there was no other  choice  than taking it.

It’s incredibly warm due to some multifunctional features and the colour is relatively easy to combine (you can never go wrong with a dark brown, right?!).

Pulling some casual denim and a pullover together with some Uggs seemed to be the most comfortable outfit to do my little walk around (and get some coffee in between to survive the rest of the day).

Matching to this uncomplicated combo, I just randomly put one of my pretty birthday bracelets and my latest favourite bag. Just like the jacket, it always fits!

Jacket: Belstaff

Pullover: Benetton

Jeans: Hallhuber

Bracelet: Michael Kors

Bag: Louis Vuitton

Ugg Boots


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