Another week has passed by, it’s getting a little chillier outside and I finally pulled a look I’ve been thinking of for a while now.

After making my way through the masses of a left wing strike all the way on Piccadilly Street last week (and as I later found out through half London), I finally reached the destination to finally pick my baby up.

(Note: You better avoid taking the situation as a chance to interview the lefties about their Tory hatred if you’re not really neutrally looking…)

As I utterly love the easy and neutral colour of the bag (just like my allround companion), I thought it would need a little spicy splash in contrast.

Since I finally convinced myself of the leo coat (just to fulfill my leo obsession and just to make sure that I will rarely find any other alternative in near  future), it has become a challenging thing in the morning to decide between this love and another coat I received as a pre-birthday present (will shoot it another time).

So after I learned my lessons with interviewees vs. outfit vs. picky topics last week, I decided to take a few shoots of this look instead of trying it once again with an interview during another strike going on this Saturday.

The material of the skirt and the Alpaca pullover build a nice contrast to the cleanly cut coat and although I was having my doubts at first (the skirt is much more lively and cute and all girlygirl), I really like the result.

I could have gone for some nice flats but then decided that I felt more like being a “taller” girl than 1,69 m for this day. That’s why the sharp beauties had to do the job again. ;)

Coat: Zara

Pullover: Prada

Skirt: Zara

Bracelet: Hermès

Earrings: Bulgari

Bag: Prada

Heels: Casadei



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