Velvet Panther

After a week full of different things going on (the main one being my parents’ stay), I decided to let it end near my place somewhere at Russel Square.

I fully enjoyed this week although it was a little more stressful than usual (well that’s what it is if you start having your own life) but still more than nice, beautiful and just  heart warming.

It always seems like coming out of the shower after talking and being with my two most important people in life. Like a good, long and “cleansing” shower though.

They always bring me back to the facts of life and meanwhile teach me how to run this town without sinking and without forgetting who I am and what I’m meant to do.

I know that at the end of the day it’s just me who can truly decide where to go next and how to deal with certain situations, people and questions – but it’s just one of the most important feelings to know that you get a strong but above all honest support you truly can rely on.

Leaving these few thoughtful notes aside, I better stop here. ;)

After saying goodbye, I decided to take some pictures at one of my new favourite places.

Russel Square always seems full of hidden streets and little spots perfectly existing for some pictures.

A chance I couldn’t leave out as it stopped raining on Sunday.

I decided to finally wear my blue jeans. Well not so solely blue.

A little 80s inspired and finished with velvet details as leo pattern – different from what I’m usually wearing (well is the normal leo print so far away!?) but still suitable to my black wardrobe.

Hope you enjoyed the weekend as much as I did :)

Cape: Hallhuber

Shirt beneath: Hallhuber

Trousers: Zara

Bracelet: Henri Bendel

Earrings: from my Mum

Sunnies: Ralph Lauren

Bag: Zara

Heels: Guess

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