Preview of Frieze Art Fair London 2012!

It’s been exactly one year that I was celebrating (all by myself deep down somewhere) my debut of attending one of the world’s most well-known contemporary art fairs.

After I shared last year’s pictures in this post (after Frieze Art was having its first time in New York this year), I just couldn’t wait to share these pictures of the current Frieze Art.

As my parents constantly try to involve me into their art buying, reflecting but above all appreciating, I can indeed call myself lucky to get the chance of yesterday’s preview.

Having brunch at the lounge and then rushing off to this year’s art event (at least for London), I was beyond curiosity.

What will be displayed? Is it going to be as crazy as it was last time? Will I like some things? Will I be confused after leaving?

All of these questions popped up while slowly walking my way through the halls. And I can tell: 2 hours are definitely not enough.

At least not for somone who tries to absorb the one or another “piece” of art to the fullest. As much as I appreciate the one or another work, I wonder even more about some other pieces.

While most of the people (including myself) try to look smart and oh so understanding, I allow myself to say: Art is not something we have to understand, interpret or like (just because the majority of well suited men next to you do) … at least not all the time.

And as far as the fashion industry might already appear bizarre to the outer world (solely speaking of the people decorating it but also everything created), I can clearly say that it shares the same postcode with the arts world.  And most of the time both worlds end up in crazytown making it impossible for the one world to exist to some extent without the other one next to it.


One thing is clear: You have to visit Frieze preferably twice to get an “overview” of “everything”. That’s how I did it last year and I guess it worked quite well.

My first impressions are a wild mix of questions like “What is art?” and “Why is the destroyed piece of glass automatically art?” as well as “Is pinning one’s hair to the wall the contemporary expression of art?” and the general excitement that always accompanied me during my visit yesterday.

Next to these profund and much philosophic questions, there are some other things I noticed (and I mentioned them on Twitter yesterday already): The people surrounding me and (surprise surprise) the way they left the house this morning.

Sometimes I was struggling to focus on a work solely without staring at the person next to it.

I never saw so many current Prada ensembles in their psychodelic patterns (and yes, it’s a matter of taste but no, it’s not really acceptable….at any age) outside the Prada flagship store.

Especially for women of a decent age, it appears as THE trend of the season to drown oneself in orange or purple (the most outstanding colours) psycho prints.

And besides from Ms. Wintour and Ms. Prada herself I can’t think of any other women pulling this trend in an acceptable way.

Well…style is not a question of money, (and it’s not a question of being in the possession of a mirror, too).

Overall, I can say that I’m super happy to get the chance for a second time to the part of this exhibition and I will surely attend it the upcoming days for a another time to give myself a full opinion about the different works.

For now, I’ll provide you with all these images! :)

Have a nice Thursday!!

The lounge

Sight of Regent’s Park

Damien Hirst .. who else.

Ropac Gallery



If this is what contemporary art is all about, then my room would be a best seller.

Is this my favourite!??!?!!!!!!

Alex Katz <3

No art but real sweet foodporn.

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