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Not really “lost and found” but rather “kept and never published until now”, I remembered these snapshots from a few weeks back in 40 something degrees.

Having some very private dining (no, not room service :D) and deciding to spontaneously do some shoots afterwards was one of the more … complicated but meanwhile funny experiences we had with our beloved cam.

(I leave out the experience with carrying it to the beach and minding each little grain of sand (impossible! right!)).

Again, I like the lightning, which immediately creates some certain mood to the pictures. With once again trying to bring my eyeliner-skills to a new level (and not really hitting the point … whatever), I matched my necklace to the lipstick and put a strong focus on my little statement necklace.

God…I already miss the times you were able to go outside and still think to yourself “Does it get any colder than 35 degrees out here?!”

Top: Mango

Shorts: Ralph Lauren

Necklace: Vintage

Shoes: Casadei

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