Casual Pattern Clash

The first proper day after coming back? Packed with unpacking.

Whether unpacking my clothes, the stuff,which has to be cleaned or a lot of letters and parcels – it all left me continuously working while preparing a few posts.

Besides from the huge amount of anger that this morning has brought with it (the German mailing system is the worst ever – or is this a worldwide phenomenon?), I’m still super happy to be here again.

After going through the most important procedures of such a return, I decided to give myself a little break and got treated very well with some pretty pieces, which make it even harder to wait for fall (and any other occasions to put them on).

For this day, I chose to wear only super casual things, which just make a little difference by mixing two major patterns – leo and stripes.

I really like the mix of strong red and leo print – it gives the whole pattern a fresh note and (if worn reduced) looks much more sophisticated than I thought.

However, I think one should be very careful when playing with this combination – the chances to look a little cheap and otherwise misunderstood are quite high.

As the leo loafers didn’t seem to be enough for this day, I also worked my favourite striped shirt in – I have to admit: I’m still not sure about it as I’m looking at the pictures now but for this moment I was fully convinced (and that’s what counts right ;)).


Shirt: Hallhuber

Shorts: A&F

Sunnies: Ray Ban

Necklace: From Mum

Bag: Louis Vuitton

Loafers: Prego

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