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Back in Cologne – Some sentimental thoughts ;)

YAY I’m back! :) I usually don’t like to start with any Yays, Nays and Heys in my posts but I just have to fully share my happiness this time.

Being long away from the place I’ve been living at for three years is much stranger than I expected it to be.

After I left for the sake of Europe’s hottest place, Londontown, I started liking the idea of being farer away and just coming back now and then (speaking from this I (of course) only mean the geographical distance – not the parental one ;)).

And I still like this idea a lot (also when thinking about all the options and chances that come with my move).

But when thinking about the feeling of returning “now and then” to this place here in Cologne makes me think different this time.

I’ve been spending most of my summer in Austria with my parents (and the rest of the closer family) and so it was just one week in total I “enjoyed” Cologne.

Calling three places on this earth “home” sounds super nice but once you’re back to one of them, you realise how much you missed it and how you don’t want to leave it.

You realise what you had while you were at this place for a longer period of time and then different assocations move in.

What happened last time I was here? How was I feeling? What was I up to? What did I (not) like (and why)?

All of these questions came up as I was standing in the room I enjoyed most of my teenage drama dreams (including post-party outcomes, endless last-minute study phases and moments of dangerous anger and fun).

And I don’t want to exaggerate (I do/did it anyway) but I’m really happy to be back for the upcoming two weeks.

It’s weird how I sound while writing this because I most of the time expected myself of never looking sadly back at the places I’ve been living at (and they really ARE NOT as much as they might be for other people – Vienna, Bonn, London, Cologne, Salzburg, London).

But I guess it’s finally the time to be a little more honest with myself and confess: I somehow missed this place called Cologne, called the-shittiest-town ever, called a funny place full of ridiculous people but above all also called: Home.

I already miss my third, independent and much more mature home (at least I think I’m definitely more acting like a grown up as soon as I’m crossing the UK border ;)) but for now all I want is to sit in this room with my three Marilyns and nearly all of my clothes and just enjoy the total “silence” again.

Each of my rooms has another story, another major period of life it had to look at and listen to and I hope I’m not totally retarding the upcoming days – hangovers will be allowed but please, dear God, don’t let me do the same dramaqueen shows again.

I bet with myself that I’m done with this city as soon as London comes closer to my radar but for now I say: Hello..! :) Nice to see you again!

Super old Elle Collection book

Little Vogue covers – bought in New York :)

Photography: “Poolside Gossip” by Slim Aarons  – Bought it 1 year ago & still love it to bits!

Found again: First shoes ever :)

Lost and found: Beautiful pen

Graduation book vs. Elle Collection – I guess I prefer the left side ;)

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