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Fashiolista Loves: July/August

It’s been two incredibly calm months on Fahiolista for me – at least when I look at the small amount of loves and likes I decided to spread through the platform.

But who said that I’m forced to crazily like every single bit I find on it?! Nobody, right. Yesterday was finally the day I took a closer look on the people I’m actually following and I was little “shocked” – are there some people who spend all of their life over there?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m happy to see half of the famous online shops’ assortment on the “Latest loves by…” categories but man – there are some who seem to drag everything to Fashiolista.

Can someone explain the intention of this some day, some time to me? I’d be thankful.

Back to this posts intention: I do the occasional round-up of the different things I really really liked virtually the past two months.

As I said, the calm moments I enjoyed didn’t let me think of any real hardcore browsing but as I’m looking at the things now I must admit:

I’m in a full autumn-mood. Let it finally come again. Please.

I guess I overkilled myself with too much crochet, lace and any sparkling stuff like it was the case in my last post (God, what happened to me in June?).

But the current picks are definitely all sharable, wearable & bearable. A mixture of casual chicness and key pieces make up to a dark accentuated collection, which makes me dream of 1000 different stylings.

A clean note of black’n’blue sets in (at least the past days/weeks – reflection of a typical susususummer time summer time sadness?!) and gets slightly broken by clearly cut jackets, coats and pullovers.

It seems as if everything has to be in lines – ordered and and with clear proportions. No fuzz, no glitter, no girly stuff.

Instead of much sparkling heels topped with pompous quillings, I tend to like the loafers, bootees and (surprise surprise) finer sneaker versions.

Main character for all? Not too much colour but still catchy, please.

Comments on looks of first picture: While I’d combine the dark blue Esdra sneakers to one of the hot shirts (I get a thing for them again) together with that superhot HL coat (or that cream gilet (Acne-like)), some catchy heels would to the night-wear contrast to this combo (just thinking about wearing hot leather pants of one of these shirts & the heels make me go crazy).

Clean chic gets to the peak with two pullover picks both not only being cleanly cut but also having some colour blocking, which thankfully don’t remind of last year’s trend-overoverOVERkill.

Together with McQ paddock boots or Balenciaga chelsea boots they fulfill a super nice casual look.

In terms of dresses, I also sticked to the clean versions – the only dress making an exception might be the short-front-long-back version of a much flirty LBD (right). 

Coming from the same page, a much cleaner LBD (left) could be easily rocked with some sparkling (another exception of my past months’ likes) Kirkwood heels (as seen in the middle of my shirt-meets-leather-trousers combo) or these gold Giuseppe Zanotti heels. Both works.

For the third dress, I’d style a little riskierhoundstooth and some red Zanottis do the job & I love it!

Having realised this shift to much clearer and cleaner dressing styles for the colder seasons, I left you with the different mixes and matches.

For more likes and loves of my selection, visit my Fashiolista profile here.

Have a beautiful Saturday!

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