British Vogue: Today LA PULCINELLA is Wearing…

As a loyal follower of British Vogue, I surely never leave out the Today I’m Wearing rubric of Vogue’s online part.

To most of you it might sound familiar but to those of you not being such a frequent online stalker, I can tell that  it’s one of the more personal yet interesting parts of British Vogue’s online team.

Each day (or nearly each) someone of Vogue (without displaying any name or head) is presented with a daily look, quickly shot between other duties and gets published on Facebook.

As another part of the Today I’m Wearing rubric, UK celebrities present their looks for a month every day and personally leave me in a much more comforting state of mind than expected (I guess it’s nice to realise that they’re not running their YSLs down the streets while getting something to drink  nor do they always look as shabby as pertinent weekly magazines present them).

No wonder I was going crazy as I realised that Vogue has published my look from the Poisonously Pleated post as part of their new “What Are YOU Wearing Today” row here and here (presenting different street styles as part of integrating the Vogue lovers and readers).

Shamefully, I got this message from a friend talking about other stuff and just mentioning that “Vogue thing” from a few weeks ago when I typed “Don’t tell me that I missed something?!?!” and started searching for it.

You don’t pay full attention ONCE and you miss yourself out. :D

Thank you once again to British Vogue for giving this chance. I’m incredibly happy!! :)

(and of course thanks to Miss Patricia D. for letting me coincidently know… you made my evening)

Funnily they took a similar styling for their FASHION FORECAST row the other day after I found out about this feature! :)

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