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Fashion Market S/S 2012 by Dolce & Gabbana

The most beautiful window display I’ve seen during the past weeks? Definitely the one by Dolce & Gabbana in Vienna. How could it be different!? As I said several times I’m a huge admirer of the Italian maestros and so there’s no wonder I’m always completely inspired looking at all of their works (counting their visual merchandising as one of the most decisive things besides from their outstanding designs). With last year’s fruit trend, here we finally go with the veggie variance. Being lovely put on some 50s inspired cuts and pieces, the Designer duo shows some beautiful retro version of their past collections mingling them with new ideas and finishing off with some glitzy notes for their Spring/Summer collection of this year. As I’m currently still in the hesitation-phase of getting myself into the show-off pattern-world, I was more than surprised how they convince (even me) with simple but strong looks. Each and every piecesets a certain statement yet doesn’t seem to be too serious and gets finished with playful accessories. The necklace in the window is just one of the few accessories (among them: some Farfalle shaped earrings – my favourites!) that fulfill the summer tones and moods of Southern Italy’s vibes. Take some zucchinis, tomatoes and onions, mix them up with eggplants and add hot pepper and you’ll have the perfect summer dish of the delicious fashion menu.

Molto Italiano! Bravo!

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