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Ralph Lauren Home: Desert Modern

Being a faithful subscriber of Ralph Lauren’s newsletter, I couldn’t resist but to also cover the home area of one of my ever remaining favourites. It was just a few weeks ago when my eye was caught with Ralph Lauren’s latest home edition, Desert Modern. Being “inspired by the vast beauty of the Western frontier”, this is surely one of my current favourite interior features. Everything about the way of putting the furniture, the colours and the decoration together looks as perfect as Ralph Lauren’s window displays worldwide do (timeless, classic, beautiful).

As I’m considering myself as a lover of warm nature-tones when it comes to interior design (which is quite the opposite when dressing..;)), this just couldn’t be any different but impressive to me. I couldn’t even decide what to find better – the furniture, the house or the setting!? I can tell… it’s everything together. With stereotypical Navajo patterns and the banded baskets, Ralph Lauren has mixed and matched a perfect blend of modern Wild West and earthy ethno-style. Something, which my wardrobe is not familiar with but my imaginary holiday residence should look like.

My favourite places? Definitely the bedroom, the stairway up to the “wilderness” and (how could it be different?!) the poolside! Oh my god, I could already see myself hanging there all day pretending to sunbath (while in fact covering myself with 50 SPF sunlotion) and forgetting about the rest of the world.

Must be quite calm around there, huh!? Please, take me to beautiful Nirvana (because this must be)!

picture credit: Ralph Lauren Home

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