The golden French Lily

This weekend was calm, filled with finalizing everything for the launch of my new page and finding out how Facebook like pages work. (yes, although I’m a faithful Facebooker since 2007 this doesn’t mean that I’m aware of how to work out all these different features and things such a like page brings with it).

Since the weather here in Londontown can’t really decide what to do, you better keep an umbrella with you (or you’re a cool kid like me and simply ignore the fact of London stereotypes and end up completely wet somewhere between Regent’s Street and a side street). A side street, where you find the ultimate shelter called “New Era Flagship Store”. I’ve never been that type of girl wearing these caps but as I saw myself trapped in the store (+ having someone with you who’s CRAZY about these caps!), I just couldn’t resist but to try them on. Most of them looked completely wrong on my head and it seemed as if I even amused the hardest gangsters & hipster around me ;) (yeah, it seems as if every kind of “subculture” find its place in there). After spending about one hour there (that’s how men must feel in Selfridges’ shoes department for women), I decided that enough is enough and forced my beloved companion to pay. Not without  getting myself something to stand the rain outside. Not knowing for what the golden French lily stands for, this was my absolute favourite (and the most probable one I’d wear some time again). A friend of my has taught me different. This is not only some golden French lily, this is the symbol of the New Orleans Saints (feel the pride of my extended knowledge in American football) !

After leaving the busy streets and discovering that weather changed from Apocalypse near Regent’s Street to innocent sunshine near the place I live, I thought about giving this cap another go and shoot it with the rest of my outfit. The look is completely different to what I’m usually wearing but still… I somehow like it. I think this cap does a good job. Another forced but good investment that has proven itself.

Jacket: River Island

Top: Zara

Leggings: Zara

Bangle: Hermès

Cap: New Era

Sneakers: Ovyé

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