White Easter

Instead of enjoying this skiing season for a very last time in the typical spring conditions (sun, sun, sun, getting a sunburn & lot of freckles), the Easter bunny had a much harder time to find me this year. Since Friday it was heavily snowing not letting me even try to do some skiing due to the fog that accompanied this ugly weather. That’s why I feel like having gained 10 kg during the past three days (eating and ignoring the essay waiting for me are perfect substitutes) and slowly but surely I give up on hoping for any nice weather to come.
What looks like a romantic and wonderful winter walk was most probably one of the most horrific downhill walks I ever experienced. Besides the fact that it started snowing again after some supernice lunch, I definitely came to the point that Uggs are not made for any wilder experiences than normal pavements and powder snow. Everything beyond these conditions is simply too much for the highly praised Australian shoes. Unfortunately.
Besides from this, I tried to enjoy this little nerve wrecking adventure and now while looking at the pictures I even have to laugh.
I guess there’s just no better place than this. My heart belongs to the Arlberg.
Parka: Hugenberg
Leggings: Zara
Sunnies: Ralph Lauren
Bag: Balenciaga
Ugg Boots
Yes, I’m jumping. No, I don’t just strangely stand in the snow.
The unbelievable moment of a slight ray of the sun.
The only creature that understood me.
My little hairy friend – cutest thing around! Everyone else had NO mercy with me!
The slow death of the so-called allround shoes. Definitely not.
The dramatic I-will-never-do-this-again-leave-me-forever-alone look.

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