Departure Time

Some snapshopts shortly taken before my departure to the airport yesterday. I’m leaving London behind for the upcoming two weeks and spend my time in Austria.
I will attend the Easter Festival in Salzburg (can’t wait to go to the premiere of Carmen tonight!), then go to one of my favourite places on earth for some (hopefully) sunny skiing days.
As it always feels like I’m going to travel the whole world when packing my stuff, I didn’t have the patience to style myself especially up.
A) I feel like I’m doing some heavy workout when carrying my luggage half through the check-in halls, B) my hand luggage is actually an undercover-normal-luggage (at least it feels like it weighs 20 kg! -thank you laptop, thank you cosmetics, thank you 10kg charger that got plunged into the bag last minute), thus makes me feel even worse, C) It’s completely useless to dress up for …some weird people, a school class and all the other weirdos from all over the world crossing my way during that stressful time. I don’t know why but I hate short flights. They don’t allow me to feel comfortable in the airplane (once I’m falling asleep, some stewardess comes over to ask for some drinks, magazines, perfumes, tell me to pull out my headphones because “we are already landing”, WHATEVER #leavemeforeveralone), nor do they cause less drama than a flight to the North Pole would do. D) Last but not least, I recommend everyone to watch Jenna Marbles’ way of describing exactly what I was thinking for a long time. “What bitches wear at the airport” is the all-time-scenario surely everyone of us has seen at LEAST once in a lifetime (for me, it feels like it happens EVERY time I wait at the security check – it’s the hard knock life for us, it’s the hard knock life for us).
Having said all of this, I’m happy to relax the upcoming days, attend some operas and just don’t think about how I will manage my next departure for skiing…! ;)
Cardigan: Club Monaco
Leggings: Zara
Sunnies: Vintage
Bag: Balenciaga
Boots: Zara

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