The Queen’s Walk

Reviewing the last week was like thinking about the funniest moments someone could have in one entire life. I spent some amazing days together with one of my favourite people and some quality time yesterday with another favourite one. It seems as if half of Europe is glowing and so I couldn’t resist but to take one of my some-while-ago purchases and put it on. This jacket is the perfect creation for a wonderful day out and meanwhile keeps some flashy details that let it even match for a casual dinner. The material (100 % cotton) feels supercomfy and rather gave me the impression of wearing a jumper instead of a jacket that slowly but surely makes it into my spring/summer-favourites list. The neon stripes add that vibrant touch and then again maintain that certain order (I love) when mingling with low-keyed grey. The destroyed tucks at the end of the sleeves and the neckline enduce that little rebellious something, which builds a contrast to the cut and material. The detail that adds this elegant and special twist are the golden chains and especially that oversized zipper. I just love how different elements come together on one item and create a completely new and refreshing look.
Originally, I wanted to combine this jacket to my striking skirt but I successfully forgot it back in Cologne – that’s why I thought of refusing to wait for it (getting it next week when I’m meeting my parents in Austria) and rather show another alternative to wear the jacket. Sometimes, I just have that one specific outfit sticking in my head, which doesn’t want to leave it until I wore it and which doesn’t allow me to pull anything else with the thought items. It still gets on my nerves of how I was able to “forget” it…. but then again I suppose that this is something, which happens when you a) have three different types of closets in three different countries and b) your luggage is always suffering from tremendous obesity, which doesn’t allow you to even think about packing any additional stuff. That’s why I still have to wait for my aforethought combination. But I guess I’m doing fine with this casual alternative.
Together with my bag and the golden as well as skull details I chose, I spent half of the day around Tower Bridge and on the other side of the Thames. Sometimes, I just enjoy being the tourist in the city.
Jacket: Imperial
Shirts: Northland
Trousers: Superfine
Bracelets: Irene Jewellery via IJ
Necklace: Agatha
Sunglasses: Ray Ban
Bag: Zara
Ballerinas: Bloch

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