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I think I’ve made my thoughts about Valentine’s Day and everything that comes with it pretty much clear in this post last year. 
And there’s actually no change about it so far as I’m still convinced that this day is a more than unnecessary event for just another day in February.
For now, I rather spend my time independently from a forced celebration day where you expect something extraordinary to happen to you as long as you have someone concrete to think of you. 
That’s why I just got surprised by a coincidently happening, official non-Valentine’s-night out at Hakkasan in Mayfair. I guess it could have been any other day of the week but as we got the very last slot of the night for the first time, we just couldn’t refuse. Simply loved it again. I just can recommend this place to everyone loving asian food, a dark and cool atmosphere and a loud place (which you can just barely avoid in the city’s most amazing restaurants). (For a tiny little bit more pictures click here)
For this evening, I chose to wear something cool, yet with a golden glitzy note: My Jane Norman dress I bought last November. I’m not a huge fan of the typical Missoni pattern (the all colourful zigzag..) but as I saw this rather “low-keyed” (as long as you can call a short dress with a Missoni imitating pattern low keyed) version of it hanging there, I just couldn’t help myself but to take it. I love the mixture of black and shiny golden colour gradients paired up with some simple black tights and heels. The bracelet I’m wearing might be common to some as I already described it once to be the big boom around here in the UK and comes straight from Farringdons, one of Hatton Garden’s shops within the fine jewellery quarter of London. So happy to be finally able to wear it as I’m not very confident about wearing something like this on every day. 
Coat: Remy Hall
Blazer: Zara
Dress: Jane Norman
Clutch: Yves Saint Laurent
Earrings: Bulgari
Bracelet: Farringdons 
Heels: Office
yeahh wind messing everything up, blowing my hair to my lipglossed lips .. hair decided to stick there. doesn’t just every girl love this scenario?!
hair decided to hang out in my eye this time. look how I tried to focus…. ;)
freezing finger tips = red = somehow weird 

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