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>Say hello to Mr. Parka!


So this is supposed to be the introduction to my lovely fury parka. What a multifunctional thing. And guess what? I got it for the half of its price so I call this a fully good investment into something you can wear throughout the whole year (except from this nerve wrecking season called summer) …. with or without half of this rabbit farm on it. 
I always wished for a cool parka .. being different from all the other cool parkas I envied on people crossing my way. And tada here it is! 
The location I took these pictures is a place in Cologne… called Apropos. Some of my readers might have heard from it before as I was at the shop’s second store in Düsseldorf (ugliest city ever as I had to discover once again these days) for Vogue’s Fashion Night Out in September (which I fully enjoyed just because of the selfish fact of getting shot for a feature on their online magazine…yeah feeling absolutely cool while writing this). 
Anyways. I love this shop. Not because of the unfriendly shop assistants (I will definitely write about this issue another time when I’m in rage) or because of the overrated restaurant (hilarious what you can call a restaurant.. I would rather name it the get-together of every failed existence and of those who think they are famous for being nobody). No, it’s basically because of the CLOTHES and SHOES and OTHER WEARABLE STUFF (just like my lovely fluffy baby coat) you can get there. The entrance of this flagship store (there’s basically another store, which I used to hang out when I was 10 and my mum decided to spend 100 hours in the cabin to fit her stuff on) is PINK. All covered up in pink. And I don’t care how girlygirly this might be now but I love walking through it every time. Feels like seeing the reflection of my inner world. Or my favourite highlighter colour. Or my imaginations of relationships. 
Or  just the colour each girl is secretly loving and just trying to avoid because it’s so gay. 
Hope you agree on the fact that this parka is amazing (if not, then don’t even THINK about leaving your comment).
PS.: Thanks for the patience of my friend to take pictures of me while I complain about my hair, my face, my look, the cold temperatures and people passing our way. You are a heroine! 
Parka: Hugenberg
Jeans: Superfine
Shirt: The Ramones (surprise surprise)
Bag: Balenciaga
Boots: Zara
(I actually have no idea what my fur decided to do here..) 

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With an Austrian and German background, Anna has lived in London for almost 7 years now. started as a personal fashion & lifestyle diary in 2009 and was re-launched in 2015 with a new design.

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