20 years of DAZED & CONFUSED

I don’t know if I made it clear in the past but I simply love this city. The fact that there is an exhibition for free is nearly as absurd as the imagination of Wikipedia not working for 24 hours.

Between all of the essays and exams I needed to get done by this and last week, I found some time to visit the Dazed & Confused exhibition  at Somerset House, where London Fashionweek will take place again. I’ve never been there before, which I regret the moment I entered this building. Located directly at the River Thames, I just got overwhelmed by the size and old style.
“Making it up as we go along” is the title of Jo-ann Furniss’ published book consisting of all the amazing editorials and frontpages Dazed & Confused published over the past 20 years. And so the exhibition gives an insight with a great compilation of all those works.
The contrast of highly modern images of Agyness, Beth, Kate & Co. and the wonderfully old styled rooms held me for more than 20 minutes per room to feel the atmosphere. The faithful part of my readership knows how much I love Kate and so it was kind of going through her life while walking through each room. No wonder co-editor Jefferson Hack fell in love with her.
The two adjoining rooms of this exhibition are dedicated to Alexander McQueen being so special and out of space for me that I didn’t take any pictures.
Personally, I’ve been always a huge fan of Dazed & Confused. Founded in 1991 by Rankin and Hack it is said to be “the barometer of underground style” and international counterculture ever since. For me it is the British magazine of the scene and represents that fresh, alternative and controversial look of what the youth represents.
Sadly, I’m leaving UK tomorrow again but for those of you living or currently being here, there’s a  talk with Jefferson Hack and Jo-ann Furniss (editor of Making it up as we come along) at Somerset on the 27th of January at 6.30 pm. Online it says that all the tickets are sold out (5 pounds is simply nothing… we all understand) but there are still some tickets available at Somerset House directly. Damn it I can’t attend this.
The exhibition is still running until the 29th and I can assure you – it’s definitely worthy to visit.
The ice rink in front of Somerset House sponsored by Tiffany & Co.

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