Happiness are shoes and a loving daddy! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read the sweetest approval I’ve ever received via mail a few days ago and so Louboutin was my first (and after this my last for a long time) shop-stop as I just got back in town on Sunday.
Although I’m supposed to study at the moment (and with this I mean really study – hard and intensive!), I just couldn’t help to take a little break off the library and head to Louboutin’s flagship store in Mount Street straight away on Monday to get the very last pair of black loafers (note that they just got in stores a few days before).
And what shall I say? I love them! I so deeply fell in love with them that I wish I just could walk in them forever on every day at every time. When I’m in love I could tell the whole world about it – and how I will!!! Actually I think this could be an everlasting love – not only a crush (you get them but realise that it’s not true love after a while), a one night stand (you just have them one night and will never look at them again) or a heartbreaker (you get them but recognise their disability to satisfy you over a longer period in life, so you decide to say goodbye before further harm (in form of losing quality) is hitting you).
What do they say when they look at me? Something like: I’m the ultimate creation of a mixture of snobbism and classiness. Forget about my sisters and brothers in heel and sneaker format. I’m arrogant, sexy and I know it. Spikes, velvet and the royal emblem of my creator make me the most amazing shoe in the world. I will be looked on whenever I cross the streets just like the hottest bitch in town. And whoever’s turning around will see the most recognisable character of myself: My red sole.

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With an Austrian and German background, Anna has lived in London for almost 7 years now. started as a personal fashion & lifestyle diary in 2009 and was re-launched in 2015 with a new design.

  • Rochelle’s Closet

    >nice ;=)

  • C▲RO

    >extrem geil!!! und danke:) das Kleid von Topshop ist von der Marke "Rare Fashion" oder so, aber das gibts im Onlineshop eh nicht mehr..

  • Jacky Vifer

    >wooooow :))))

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  • kathy

    >wow those shoes are GORGEOUS!
    the spikes are perfect
    the soles are perfect
    the velvet is perfect
    you are so lucky :)

  • Lisa

    >They are sooooo great!

  • Sadii B.

    >simply amazing…

  • Celestine

    >lucky girl
    those shoes are amazing


  • Tiffany

    >wow!! these are amazing. Thanks for the comment on my blog – followed you back!! :D

  • Maranda Marie

    >SO cute! I love Louboutins….still working on having some of my own. Your style is super cute and unique, love it. Following back.
    XOXO Check out my fashion facebook page too! :)

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