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>Moschino Cheap & Chic Pre-Fall 2012


It is said that you change your style over different times of your life. I truly believe in that. But there’s always that so-called “core”style you keep, which always marks your outfits no matter at which age. Mine is definitely affected by that classiness I’m always attracted by. Not that my outfits are always classy. But I’d rather go in a Chanel jacket than in some destroyed jeans (both is hanging in my closet so that possibly explains my current styling stage).
One of the few (and here I underline few) labels that captured my heart for the past seasons is the younger line of Moschino.
Cheap and Chic seems to embody the young, classy girl with that sophisticated twist.
Therefore, next year’s pre-fall is a perfect mixture of those characteristics. Checked jackets, trousers and dresses with black leather buckles and combined to casual shirts and smokey eyes build an amazing contrast. That’s the cool thing with checks: Combine it to a Chanel-like jacket and you get a classy outfit. Combine it to a shirt and some cool winter-jacket, get your eyes smokey and pull some heels and you have the great play of rock-chic meets old England.  Or you just dip the classic red-black checked pattern into yellow and rose and you have the summer version of it. What I mostly like about this look is the fact that the girl doesn’t look like her granny at all. Although that ensemble appears to have a rather old appearance, the shorts in combination to that flower printed blouse and leather gloves break it and let the model appear sweet yet sophisticated and cool.
Another detail that marks the collection are prints. Prints in every form. Whether as a printed bag on the simple rose-coloured dress (spicing it up with the colours of the printed bag) or with dresses telling “Fur for fun” while combining them to leo frocks – you gotta love it.
And above all the colour to mark in your head for this year’s winter? Yellow. It seems as if it’s all about it and although I find it hard to associate yellow with my favourite season of the year, I find it refreshing at the same time. 
Overall a collection you just have to fall in love with. Cheap? No way. Chic? Definitely! 

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