>Post-Christmas Wish: Intern Crested Velvet Loafers!


In contrast to last year, I left out a wish list for this year’s Christmas. Too bad. I wish I discovered those amazing killers by Christian Louboutin a bit earlier! 
Maybe this just happened because I recently decided to avoid Louboutin shoes (okay, what I really mean are the heels). The fact that they’re not comfortable at all is not a secret but the fact that every imaginable cheap looking girl appears to be in possession of the red soles at the moment is killing my mood to wear mine. It just destroys the whole image these shoes had in the past and quite honestly I think that most of Louboutin’s recent heel-creations were not mind blowing. Just really cheap. Even glitter, spikes and fur don’t convince in heel-format.
However, his flats are definitely my new target. Classic mixed with style breaking accents.
I like. I want. I get. Some day. In my dreams. 

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