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>Michael Kors Pre-Fall 2012


Is it me who gets paranoid over time of hard work or is it just true that Michael Kors seems to be a little copycat? Surely, each single designer has his/her own vision. This creative thought that leads to the final outcome of a collection. But taking a closer look at Kors’ Pre-Fall for the next year, the only source of inspiration I can see is clearly coming from McQueen. 
Not that I would dare to put Kors and McQueen into one file but how do McQueenish details and McQueenish signatures appear in a Kors-collection if not for a pure copy-cat-intention?  I’ve always been a great fan of Kors. Young, cool, yet absolutely established. But why designing exactly similar details and using similar (if not the same) elements and materials like Burton has done? 
Okay, I understood: Broad belts and long back with a short front for dresses and skirts seem to hit next year’s trends even more. I also got that lace and leather don’t seem to go out of fashion. But what is it with those suspiciously similar long fury skirts, and S&M details? Was that needed? If you’d ask me personally.. I’d say no. Yeah, nice and fine designs. Just not really hitting my heart. A little cute, a little sexy, a little lame, a little repetitive. 
Come on, Kors… you can do better than that

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