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>Burberry Prorsum Pre-Fall 2012


“Take a bow” must have been the song Christopher Bailey has been listening to while creating his pre-fall collection for next year. 
Just like last year, I simply love most of the pre-fall collections which are released so far and so Burberry can’t miss in this section (after I’ve been refusing to write about the SS12 “thing”, which absolutely bored me).
Quite frankly I must say that bows are way too sweet for my taste – that’s why I’m not really impressed by that frequent detail being the kind of signature look for Bailey’s pre-fall. Luckily, salt and pepper mixtures seem to be heavily about to be en vogue again, satisfying my next year’s fashion hunger a little bit more. The elegance comes with clear cuts and tight shapes. Colours like burgundy (already establishing itself this season) and different shades of brown, grey and green build a typical fall/winter-mood, which I’m absolutely seeking for after a hot summer (it’s always the same with me). 
Another thing I just noticed on myself is the fact that I’m slowly but surely about to move away from huge (and with that I mean really huge) fur details. I’m a little overkilled with my fluffy, bushy friends and although that mood don’t and won’t stop me from loving them to bits, I guess that I will leave them probably a little more aside next year (starting this season already). And it seems as if Bailey has had a similar thought clearly showing at his consistently shaped fur collars. Small but lovely. Exactly what defines the new understatement elegance of wearing fur. 
Even with the full fur coat he’s been slightly destroying with that bow (ok looks cute in the picture but would simply freak me out in real-life situations), the fur keeps that low-key profile while maintaining that simple elegance. 
Furthermore, he continued his duffle-coat like production of coats and as I was already craving for this last and this year, I’m happy to see this little repetition again. 
Combinations of black and blue are nothing new … but a strong look to love. And his oversized bags are a simple killer – in a good way. Somehow, they remind me of McQueen’s Atlantis collection for Spring/Summer 2010 and this association already says it all. I’m in love. 

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